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Features and Benefits

Make a seamless switch.

Switching is easier than you think. A NeroPAY implementation expert will help you set up hardware and software, connect your existing apps and services, train your staff and get the most out of Square.

Competitive, simple pricing

Talk to us about a custom rate and bulk hardware discounts, and learn how you can reduce your total cost of ownership.

Comprehensive support

24/7 support is available for larger businesses, and we’ll help you get set up and train your staff.

Advanced payment technologies

Accept chip and pin, contactless and mobile payments, or use Square’s invoicing or Virtual Terminal to get paid fast.

Industry-leading payments security

NeroPAY software follows PCI data security standards at no extra cost and our hardware/readers have end-to-end encryption out of the box with no configuration required.

How much are you actually paying?

You could be paying more than you think.

NeroPAY Payment Processing

  • One simple price per swipe, dip, or tap.
  • No hidden fees. Period.

Typical Payment Processors

  • PCI compliance fees
  • Authorization fees
  • Batch fees
  • Gateway fees
  • Early termination fees
  • Statement fees
  • International card fees
  • Chargeback fees
  • Business card fees
  • Return fees
  • Non-qualified fees

Flexible pricing, fair and simple

Below £200k
in annual card turnover

0.6% - 1.4%

For businesses that either take under £200k in annual card turnover or are new to card payments.

Above £200k
in annual card turnover


We can offer you a customised plan if your business takes over £200k in annual card turnover.

View pricing breakdown

Card Terminal Pricing details

Credit & Debit cards 0.6% – 1.4%
Commercial cards 0.6% – 1.4%
Non-UK cards 0.6% – 1.4%
Customer not present – 0%
Setup fee – £0.00
Sim card – £0.00
PCI-DSS Service fee – £0.00
Decline fee – £0.00
Refund fee – £0.00
Chargeback fee – £0.00
Revival fee – £0.00
Cancellation Fee – £0.00
Minimum Weekly Charge – £24.95
Monthly Terminal Fee – £20.00
Security auth fee 0.05p – 0.30p

(The secure transaction fee helps you become compliant in minutes, protects customer data & fights fraud 24/7.)

You can cancel our service at any time and we will never charge for it.

Do you know what your total blended rate really is?

We can help you figure out the rate you’re actually paying.